This is a Top to be experienced!

April 19, 2023

I have to say, I am quite impressed with Ryder. A phenomenal Top, they are really talented at all aspects of creating comfort and wonderful encounters. I was incredibly nervous to meet them and talk about anything related to play, but within minutes I felt completely at ease and willing to share any pertinent information asked for. Prior to our meeting, they asked excellent questions to help them sculpted the adventure we were both looking for. And boy, was it such a spectacular time! All at once, I felt both entirely safe and terribly in harms way, with no way of being completely sure which was true. Of course I was safe, but that scene was exactly what we were both hoping for. I’ve been in the community for a while now, and I have to say this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Can not recommend enough!


An amazing Mixtress

February 21, 2022

So, I’ll start with the most obvious things and work my way to the more subtle. Mixtress Ryder is stunningly gorgeous. From the carefully cultivated hair, to the tips of their elephant toes, they radiate a beauty that is both difficult to describe and utterly enchanting. No picture I’ve seen does justice.

From the first day we talked, I knew there was something deeply vital that Mixtress offers, that was unmatched and unavailable anywhere else. They met me with confidence, humor, and a playful nature that had me comfortable and feeling safe.

Mixtress Ryder is a wonderful communicator, and very skilled at bringing negotiations to the needed specifics, even when I terrible at it. Their attention to detail and ability hone in on important pieces is incredibly useful.

In their service, I’ve grown, flourished ,and lived an amazing experience. The adoration and care they show for their pet is both humbling and uplifting. Their idea of service is one that is both extremely uplifting (for both of us) and comforting, while still challenging, and incredibly arousing.


An Amazing Domme

January 15, 2020

I am an eloquent man in multiple languages but I don’t have words that accurately and adequately describe the grace, energy, sensitivity, playfulness, skill, and communicativeness of RodeoKitten. RK is a wonderful human being, a dedicated educator, and an amazing kinkster! If you are in need of a provider, RK is highly recommended.

Devlin S. Pannish


January 14, 2020

I had the privilege of being topped by RodeoKitten recently at Unity. RK was gracious, generous, and intuitive. Our play time was only brief, but the memory will long remain. Thank you!


Kind, wonderful, and sexy

December 21, 2019

I can’t say enough good things about RK. Their kindness and openness made me feel so welcome, even though I was nervous. I had never had an experience like this before and they walked me through so gently. I don’t know how someone manages to remain both sexy and professional, but they did.

I had no idea what to expect, but RK started off by asking me my needs and desires for the session. Their sense of humor and obvious experience with nervous newbies immediately put me at ease.

If you are looking for someone to really take care of you, and to have a ton of fun with, I can’t recommend RK highly enough.

I am so so grateful for their time, attention, and energy, and hope very much to book another session soon.