Photography by The Silence

Hi there cutie,

My name is Mixtress Ryder and I am a playful, petite, gender queer, they/them switch! With a zest for life unlike anything you’ve experienced before, my infectious warmth will have you comfortable and ready to explore in no time. Boundlessly imaginative I am never in short supply of ideas for our next kink adventure. Coupled with an extensive collection of toys, devices, and outfits you are sure to be left wanting more. As a pleasure activist I long to stoke the fires of your sexual appetite and offer a safe space for reflection and growth. For me, pleasure is much more than a goal oriented endeavor, limited only to what transpires in a single physical interaction. Pleasure is about touch and the stimulation of your body and mind. Our genuine sensual connection together will touch you in places your finger tips cannot. 

My career in the adult industry started with modeling during 2011 until I found my true home in kink in 2013. I enjoy doing live XXX and fetish performances, teaching sexuality workshops, making custom content, picture sets and facilitating infinite pleasures for my clients. For the experienced or the just starting out, let me help satisfy all of your cravings and curiosities. You do not need to be seeking kinky play to enjoy the immense pleasure of my company. 

Let my delightfully playful attentiveness help you leave your day behind you while you sink into the darkest corners of your fantasies. The possibilities of life and sexual appetite intoxicate me as the thought of getting to know you fills me with excitement and curiosity.  Let’s indulge in all things naughty and alter our expectations of what is possible.

Upscale, professional and discreet. I am tiny, tight and stronger than my size lets on. I have sensuous curves on lightly tanned skin adorned with tasteful tattoos. My alluring green eyes and infectious laugh will prove me impossible to forget. I will bring to our connection my lifelong passion for exploration, years of kink education, and experience in the adult entertainment industry. Along with my broad skill set as both a commanding Femdom and a dedicated servant, let me help you taste your dreams. What is it you truly desire? A taste of something hard to ask for and even harder to find? To be consumed, to be opened, to be brought to your knees, writhing in delight and basking in pleasure?

While I live for all things naughty, I also enjoy indulging my other senses with fine red wines and decadent meals. From robust cheeses to delicate seafood my flavor pallet ranges as wide as my kinks. My awakening sense of smell longs to be lavished in fragrant lilies and lavender. Indulge my love language of touch with silk, cashmere, leather or latex. 

Joyful spirit meets dark humor and a taste for the subversive.

Ryder A.K.A Rodeo Kitten

Available in San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Oregon.

While I love intimate nights in, I make the perfect date for a night out on the town.  As a social butterfly with no problem sparking up a conversation with strangers, I am sure to help brighten up any event. From business engagements to that pesky social gathering you need a date for, I am happy to provide The Girlfriend Experience as menu option. I can also be booked for couples, groups or adult parties. 

For those visiting from out of town let me show you the sexy dungeons you’ve heard so much about. 

My specialty is working with sacred kink and therapeutic or healing BDSM.


To celebrate and educate others on alternative sexuality and lifestyles by providing the most authentic kinky experiences with their needs and experiences in mind.


To help build an inclusive  community of safe spaces that help others explore life and sexuality in a negotiation and self aware shame free environment.


  • To uphold a safe, sane and consensual environment.
  • To operate with honesty and integrity including open communication.
  • To treat everyone with professionalism and respect.
  • To foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.
  • To encourage candid, direct feedback.
  • To be and help others be proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
  • To model and encourage introspection and accountability.